For all of you who want to discover a little bit about Poland, here is a series of articles about my Tour of Poland through three cities : Cracow, Zakopane and Warsaw !

POLAND | Through 3 cities

I’m back, yesss! I won’t talk too long about why I disappeared for a few months, but with my previous internship, looking for a new one, vacation and the new year I had a lot of things to deal with. Unfortunately, even if I wanted to write very badly, I wasn’t able to find the time to do it!

Well, I’m back for good to share with you my trip to…. Poland! I don’t know if you know that country, but I am very pleased to see that people are more and more interested in Poland. Just for the anecdote, I remember that when I moved to France, a lot of people were asking me “strange” questions about the country where I was coming from. One day, someone even asked me “How was it to live under dictatorship?”… It was already 8 years ago, and a lot of things have changed since then. Our generation has a lot of opportunities to travel and more and more people keep asking me about Poland because they want to visit the country. If that’s your case, stay with me !

TOUR OF POLAND | The journey


The most difficult thing in this kind of trip is organizing the « Journey ». How to make it the most convenient, comfortable and cheap ? It’s often pretty complicated.
On our way to Cracow, we took the plane from Beauvais with Easyjet. Then we took the bus to Zakopane (haha, we were very advanturous) and finally the train from there to Warsaw. We tried almost every kind of transport possible! If you are planning your trip to Poland, you’ll find my advice about travelling in the next articles!

2-gb (Copier)


When I asked my boyfriend if he would go on holidays to Poland with me, I first thought to go only to Warsaw, where my friends and family live. Right away, he said that it would be a good idea to go somewhere else, to a part of Poland we hadn’t seen together. We decided to go to Cracow, because the city is said to be the most beautiful of Poland, and I was there only once when I was little. I don’t know if it’s indeed the most beautiful city in Poland, but it’s probably the most authentic. Cracow was lucky enough to not be spared by WWII and almost everything in the city is intact whereas Warsaw, for example, was almost 100% destroyed…

In my future articles, you’ll find out more about the history of the city, what to see and most importantly, all my tips for a perfect trip !

Rynek Glowny (Copier)

Main Market Square, where all the streets lead to !

Wawel (Copier)

Wawel Castle, the heart of Polish royalty

Miasto (Copier)

Lost in the university district…



Those of you who don’t know Poland might wonder why I chose such a small town for my tour of Poland. Zakopane, the Tatras’s capital, has only 27000 inhabitants but hosts 3 milion of tourists each year. The Tatras are the highest mountains in Poland, and there are also one of the cheapest destinations for vacations in such high mountains. Contrary to European, or at least, French ski destinations, in Zakopane you can ski… or not ! People who don’t enjoy to ski so much but still want to go to the mountains in winter can do a lot of other things, as the place is firstly a city where people live. Zakopane is a charming town, literally surrounded by stunning nature, that can be enjoyed all year round!

In my articles about Zakopane, I will show you my favourite places and a small guide to enjoy a quick break in the Polish mountains !

Zakopane at dawn

Zakopane at dawn

2000 meters of altitude !

2000 meters of altitude !

A bit of snow, and a lot of sun over Zakopane !

A bit of snow and a lot of sun over Zakopane !



Warsaw is a city I know extremely well as I grew up there. That’s why it’s particularly difficult for me to present it to you in only a few sentences. Since I remember, the city is growing and evolving every year. I think it’s incredible. Warsaw, an affordable european capital city attracts millions of tourists every year with its nightlife, a warm culture and most importantly (at least for me)… it’s gastronomy ! Contrary to foreign gastronomy, the traditional polish food is more joyful and “chill” and will be great for any person who likes to eat good and simple food.

In the posts dedicated to Warsaw, I will share with you some advice for a great and original trip. I have not yet decided what I will be writing exactly, but I’m sure there will be a circuit of the town, a few great addresses and a bit of history !

Warszawa 2 (Copier)

Warsaw, a mix of communist remains and modernity

IMG_7662 (Copier)

Zacheta, the national contemporary art museum

Warsaw - tour of poland

Taking a walk in the city

I hope this introduction was interesting for you and that you want to discover those three amazing cities ! I tried to include the most information that someone might need for organizing a trip to Poland, but don’t hesitate to tell me what you want to know and I will include it in my articles !

See you soon !