I consider that every photo has a story behind it. Therefore every friday you will find the WEEK PEEK (the picture of the week) and the story behind it !

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WEEK PEEK #1 – Ode to Victoria


Today I want to share with you a picture of Victoria that I took while I was saying my goodbyes with the city. The weather was great, and the light was perfect for a sunset shoot ! The picture was taken in late april, in Victoria BC on Fort Street, right next to the Bard&Banker pub.

One thing that really strikes me when I see this picture is the fact that I miss Victoria quite much actually. I was really happy to go back home, see my friends and family so I never tought I would miss it so much. Don’t worry, I still enjoy Paris a lot, but I think it’s just not the same vibe. In Victoria, everything seemed slow to me. It bothered me sometimes, but it was very enjoyable. I never hurried anywhere, which was a nice change comparing to to what I was used to before. Living on the campus was really comfortable and my house was 10 min away by walk from the sea. Incredible right ?

I liked wandering the city and I think that some part of me will remain there (like in all the other places I’ve lived). This is the true beauty of travelling. When you feel somehow connected with the place you saw.

I hope you like that sneak peak into Victoria BC, and that you will come back for more !

I wish you a great (and possibly sunny) day !